Nintendo Ds

Nintendo Ds

The Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is the most recent handheld video game system introduced by Nintendo.  Nintendo released the DS in 2004 and followed it two years later with the Nintendo DS Lite.  These handheld video games have really shaken the market and brought handheld games back into the spotlight. 

Unlike any other predecessor, the Nintendo DS has two LCD screens and allows you to use a stylus on the bottom screen, which is touch enabled.  You can not only play games on this system, but also communicate with others in your network.  You can add 16 people into your network and you can chat with them or send them messages via the PictoChat system. 

The graphics have to be seen to be believed.  Not only are they full color, but most games offer 3D graphics.  You won’t believe that you got so much power in this little hand-held game.  The games do not take long to get going, either.  Unlike other hand held games that take a while to boot up, you can start playing right away when you insert the game into the system.  In addition to being able to play the multitude of Nintendo DS games, you can also play GameBoy Advance games on this system. 

In addition to the stellar graphics, you can also look forward to stereo sound.  The sound is really amazing on this unit and you can listen with the stereo headphones.  You can also use a microphone to be able to activate voice controls and be able to chat to those in your network on the Nintendo DS

The games are a lot of fun.  You will find the timeless Mario 64 (what Nintendo system would be without this?) as well as some new and innovative games, including those for children as well as adults.  Never before has there been such a wide selection of video games for both young and young at heart! 

In addition to being able to communicate through PictoChat as well as the Wireless Lan, you can also use the system to wake up in the morning.  Yes, there is a built in clock with an alarm that you can set.  This little game system sure packs a punch, considering its size. 

The Nintendo DS comes in three different colors - black, white and pink.  Other colors are available in different regions as well as other languages for each console. The system can be purchased from a variety of different outlets for about $150 at the most.  In some places, you can get the system cheaper.  There are also numerous accessories that can be purchased including different skins as well as a carrying case that can not only store your system, but your games as well.

The lithium battery will last up to 10 hours and can take a charge in 4 hours.  You can also use the AC adapter that comes with the unit to play so that you do not wear down the battery.   The Nintendo DS handheld game system has it all. 

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